NSP Services:

Call Center Services

In today’s business environment, the resources required for back-office operations and customer support often distract even the most experienced executive from being focused on product development and revenue growth. As a result, many companies make concessions or simply fail to recognize the importance of providing live telephone support and instead, they mistakenly only provide e-mail support. This failure to provide live customer service will often have detrimental consequences in the form of increased customer disputes and ultimately, chargebacks.

As an extension of the company's payment gateway and processing services, Network Systems Plus offers an optional pay-per-call service whereby NSP clients can outsource telephone-based support to NSP’s customer service center. This highly trained and U.S. based team of call center professionals are experts at handling customer inquiries and available 24x7 to mitigate cardholder disputes.


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Billing Services

NSP has perfected the art of invoicing and collections for clients’ customers who are not able to make traditional credit card purchases. Even if traditional cards are declined, NSP has developed a reliable, compliant and proprietary ticket re-submission procedure ensure the likely hood of settling transactions.

NSP provides transaction accounting, tracking, invoice generation, mail room, drop box and payment receipt services for clients minimizing their exposure to lost sales.

NSP Loss Prevention Specialists work with customer databases using a combination of collection letters, and live collections calls to ensure the greatest rate of return and minimize lost revenues after fulfillment has already taken place.

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Telecom Industry Services

Advanced Solutions for Telecom Merchants

The Network Systems Plus team has been helping Telecom Merchants obtain low cost merchant acquiring, efficiently process transactions and minimize chargebacks, for over 20 years. NSP is highly experienced with the complexities of Telecom billing and we have enhanced our services to support the evolution of the Telecom industry. Clients NSP supports include:

Examples of NSP features for Telecom merchants include the following:

Scalable, On-Demand Gateway Services - replace dedicated circuits and legacy batch processing systems with multi-threaded TCPIP connectivity to load-distributed infrastructure connected to all major processing networks

Advanced Risk Management - deploy custom fraud protection strategies with multi-pass (pre-call, post-call) screening to minimize fraud and maximize program revenue

Telecom Data Elements – incorporate ANI, dialing patterns, dialing countries, Info Digits, ESN’s, MEID’s, IMEI’s and other user-definable data elements into risk management filter criteria for expert results

Zero Dollar Verifications – verify card status before service provisioning Partial Authorizations - capture available funds to maximize profitability on prepaid debit cards

Network Systems Plus offers the most comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions for the Telecom industry and has lengthy record of proven success. For a consultation with a Telco billing expert on how NSP can help your business, please Contact Network Systems Plus today.

There is no need to cut corners and jeopardize a merchant account with high chargebacks. NSP call center services are available immediately and priced as a usage-based service for actual talk time spent providing excellent customer service. Please contact Contact Network Systems Plus for more information.

Examples of NSP features for Telecom merchants include the following:

Incremental Billing – per-minute and usage based billing require specific transaction functions to process efficiently

Recurring Subscription Management - monthly renewals and decline recapture increase PCI compliance scope

Prepaid Services / Account Funding – most acquiring banks are wary of the extended consumer liability associated with prepaid and top-up services and therefore either prohibit these merchants or abuse them with High-Risk pricing

Multi-National Customer Base – international customers in new markets offer revenue growth but limited verification techniques will threaten program success if chargebacks are not properly managed

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Risk Management

Risk management, fraud scrubbing and loss prevention all describe an ongoing process of constant adaptation and vigilance that requires state-of-the-art fraud mitigation tools tuned to the specific merchant industry.

A basic tenet: Out-of-the-box fraud solutions do not work for everyone. New merchants are often confused by product hype and experienced merchants quickly become frustrated with overly simplistic anti-fraud tools because there is no panacea, there is no quick fix to the problem.

NSP are professionals, don’t try this at home. The wrong combination of ineffective tools and procedures can be expensive and painful.

NSP Risk Management Expertise

The Network Systems Plus team has built and manages some of the most sophisticated risk management services and systems available on the market today. Network Systems Plus delivers fraud prevention solutions that are fitted to each client’s business model by customizing components to meet each merchant's unique requirements and thereby creating a distinct fraud strategy that is often additionally segmented and tailored for the sale channel and/or product offered.


The Network Systems Plus staff helped pioneer early credit card fraud prevention techniques. Since 1989, the NSP team has been helping merchants prevent fraud and stay away from the card association chargeback monitoring programs by offering a complete suite of fraud detection tools and proprietary risk mitigation techniques.

Basic Tools:

Advanced Tools:

NSP believes and this philosophy is affirmed by numerous NSP clients, that the company’s focus on risk management and high quality service is what distinguishes the company from competitors. Please contact NSP for a more detailed discussion on the company’s capabilities and an assessment of how these solutions can be optimized to help your company prevent fraud with minimal consumer friction and maximum sales conversion.

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High-Risk Processing Solutions

Premier Service for Challenging Merchant Categories

The Network Systems Plus team expedites the process of searching for high-risk merchant accounts and ensures long term success by placing clients into carefully selected relationships with acquiring partners where NSP maintains well-established strategic partnerships to support high-risk merchants. Some examples of these categories include:

Common Industry Challenges

Declined Business Types - most major banks are not setup to manage high-risk merchants and are simply unwilling to assume any liability for unfamiliar clients.

Excessive Fees and Reserves - if you are working through a broker who is working through a friend to get you a good deal…expect to get taken.

Sketchy Offshore Processors, Disreputable Characters - executing a contract with a company located in a third-world country, getting setup with a one office “processor in the Islands” or doing businesses with companies located in places that do not have daily flights are usually not good places to put your money. If your “processor” is not a bank, anticipate inevitable problems collecting your deposits.

Bank or Portfolio Shutdown – it happens all too often. Aggressive high-risk processors that do not abide by card association rules, get shutdown. Avoid companies advertising the ability to process business types prohibited by the card associations as these processors will commonly lose their processing capabilities and…your money.

Solutions for NSP Clients

Quick Start-Ups, Economy of Scale – smaller merchants can gain large company features with sub-account sponsorship under well-established and reputable PSP brands

Competitive Rates - an extensive range of options for the ideal placement with the appropriate acquiring partner

Proprietary Fraud Control Systems - designed for high-risk clients

Multi-Currency Billing, Multi-Currency Settlement – bill any customer, anywhere

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Comprehensive E-Commerce Services

Network Systems Plus background and proven expertise at pioneering risk management systems for card-not-present merchants uniquely positioned the NSP team to deliver payment processing services and innovative e-commerce fraud control techniques to large Internet Payment Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Fortune 500 companies and industry e-Tailers.

NSP Experience:

E-Commerce Observations

Underwriting – bank application processors are not always up-to-date on disruptive technologies so it might not be easy getting your multi-million dollar startup approved

A Global Presence - attracts new customers and the international criminals living nearby

Fraud Control - there is never too much of a good thing when people are stealing your products and unloading them below cost on auction websites

Foreign Customers - prefer to pay in local currencies, unfortunately so do most processors

Gateway Limitations - only become apparent after the integration project is complete so choose the right technology partner early

Mission-Critical Processing - skimp now, learn what it means, pay much more later

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The Network Systems Plus team has been empowering companies to accept credit cards for over 20 years. Combining unrivaled industry knowledge, comprehensive solutions and extensive technology capabilities, NSP collaborates with clients to develop custom solutions that streamline operations, optimize profits and deliver sustainable value.


From one-off analyses to advanced systems design or complex assignments, the team NSP is available to help solve payments industry challenges. Network Systems Plus has a proven track-record of helping clients achieve improvements in all aspects of their payments processing functions. Please contact NSP today for an initial consultation.

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Industry Tailored Payment Solutions

With more than twenty years of experience delivering mission-critical payment processing services, NSP leverages comprehensive expertise to develop custom solutions for high-volume merchants in the most challenging industries. The following links provide more information on a range of NSP solutions and accomplishments.



High-Risk Processing

Additional Market Segments

Additional industries where NSP solutions have demonstrated substantial benefit include Direct Marketing, Dating, Social Networking, Gaming, Virtual Currency, Ticketing and Travel. Please contact NSP for more information regarding solutions for these verticals.

Change the way you get paid and take your business mobile by contacting Network Systems Plus today.

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